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Aïcha Découvre

These SPAC Activity Sheets for Morocco are available in French.
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Fatou Découvre

These SPAC Activity Sheets for Senegal are available in French.

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Ouanda, notre jeune aventurière, découvre différents animaux dans les zones protégées de la République du Congo. Ces fiches d’activités sont adaptées aux enfants de 3 à 12 ans. Elles ont été créées pour les enfants qui sont parfois confinés chez eux pendant la pandémie de Covid-19. Ces fiches d’activités sont publiées chaque semaine dans le journal Les Dépêches de Brazzaville, afin d’être facilement accessibles aux familles.

Ouanda, our young adventurer, discovers different animals in the protected areas of the Republic of Congo. These Activity Sheets are suitable for children from 3 to 12 years old. They were created for children who are at times confined to their homes during the Covid-19 pandemic. These Activity Sheets are published weekly in the newspaper, Les Dépêches de Brazzaville, to be easily accessible to families.

Ouanda Découvre

These SPAC Activity Sheets for the Republic of Congo are available in French and English.

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Conservation & Research


Ebola virus impacts transmission events in Apes:



Western lowland gorillas life histories from four study sites – Novel Data on WLG  social structure:


Evolutionary split between eastern and western lowland gorillas – Sex-biased dispersal distances in western lowland gorillas:


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More relevant publications related to apes:


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