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SPAC EduCare Newsletter – December 2017

Raising Self-Esteem and Increasing Empathy at SPAC EduCare Sanza Mobimba.

Over the last four years, SPAC EduCare has been able to bring the benefits of education to more and more Congolese children and families, thanks to the establishment of satellite schools around the fringes of Odzala-Kokoua National Park.

Our trained teaching and childcare personnel have been working hard in several different villages, and the results are plain to see in the happiness of the kids, and the satisfaction of their parents.

As well as literacy, numeracy and life skills, we also focus on teaching the children to have better self-esteem and a greater degree of empathy with their peers, their communities and their environment. Given their proximity to the rainforest, this is especially important as it is the decisions that they will make as adults that will determine how their communities will meet the challenges they face. Their understanding and appreciation of the unique ecosystem on their doorstep is the best hope for its long-term survival – and for their own.

To mark the end of what has been another year of wonderful achievements for the Sabine Plattner African Charities EduCare project in Congo, we wanted to let you hear the voices of the most important stakeholders in the project: that is, the kids, parents and local teachers from Sanza Mobimba.


APEKOU ILEZI Rochelia (5 years) “On vient à l’école pour dessiner, compter, faire le “lisolo” qui veut dire raconter les histoires, ça me fait du bien au cœur, avant de venir à l’école maternelle, je me lave et je porte la tenue.”

“We go to school to learn how to draw, count and do the “lisolo”, which means to tell stories. It always makes me feel happy. Before going to pre-school, I wash myself and I get dressed.”

ONINA Mercia (4 years) “Nous sommes ici à l’école, on saute, on chante, on lit on écrit la lettre a, b, c et, quand on dit bravo, ça me fait du bien.”

“Here at school, we jump, we sing, we read, and we write our ABCs. It makes me feel proud when we’re told that we’ve done well.”

MOUNTOU Aniel (5 years) “Quand je viens à l’école j’aime dessiner la lettre b – je dessine d’abord un trait debout et j’ajoute un demi rond. Ça me donne l’envie de venir à l’école.”

“When I am at school, I like to practice drawing the letter b. I first draw it as an upright line and then I add a half circle. This makes me excited to go school.”

MAPEKOU Ella (4 years) “Ici je suis à l’école, je dessine le poisson, j’aime le cahier, la craie, compter 1, 2, 3, 4… J’aime l’école parce qu’elle est bien. Quand je pars à la maison je dis au revoir à la maitresse. Le matin je dis bonjour à papa et maman.”

“At school, I draw fish. I like notebooks and chalk and I like to count numbers as high as I can 1,2,3,4… I like school because it’s a good thing. When I go home, I say goodbye to my teacher. In the morning, I say hello to my mum and dad.”


MOUNTOU MALONGA Alain (Father) “Je constate avec un sentiment de joie que mon fils a changé de comportement à la maison suite à l’éducation qu’il reçoit à Sanza Mobimba. Il a du courage et trop de chaleur.”

“I am pleased to see how my son’s behavior at home improved since he started attending the Sanza Mobimba School. He gained courage and so much enthusiasm.”

NDOUMBE Elvie (Mother) “Le changement est clair sur le témoignage que je fais à propos de ma fille. Je peux parler du brossage des dents, des règles de politesse, de l’hymne national ce ma donne beaucoup de joie et je souhaite longue vie à Sanza Mobimba pour continuer à donner une bonne éducation à nos enfants.”

“I have seen a huge change in my daughter. We can discuss brushing teeth, rules of politeness, the national anthem… This brings me so much joy! I wish Sanza Mobimba a long life, and for the school to keep providing quality education to our children.”


IMBONDA Vulgain (grade 3) ” L’idéologie de l’éducation et de la méthodologie que nous utilisons ici à Sanza Mobimba nous permet d’avoir des résultats les meilleurs et cela nous motive à continuer dans le même sens. Nous déplorons seulement le fait que les enfants ont les difficultés de s’exprimer en Français sinon on cherche encore des stratégies pour améliorer la situation.”

“The education concept and methodology that we use here in Sanza Mobimba allows us to have the best results, which motivates us to continue in the same direction. We only regret the fact that children have difficulties expressing themselves in French and we are continuously looking for strategies to improve the situation.”

MANDZELE Gina (grade 1) “La façon que nous travaillons avec les enfants nous laisse penser que le message passe entre nous et les enfants ça fait du bien à nous, aux parents et aux enfants. Nous sollicitons quelques recyclages pour toujours être à la page en ce qui concerne les techniques de méthodologie.”

“The way that we work with the children leads us to believe that message which is passed from us to the children is beneficial for the children, for their parents, and for us. We have periodic refresher training courses to stay up to date with the latest teaching methods.”

Hearing about the positive impacts that we’ve been able to have on the teachers, parents and most of all, the kids of Sanza Mobimba provides all the motivation we could ever need to continue striving towards our goal of providing quality early childhood development programmes in more rural African communities.

Wishing you a Happy Christmas all the very best for the New Year,

Astrid Schimmelpenninck Head of Education and Outreach, SPAC EduCare

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