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Our Work

Our work integrates people, the environment and animals.



  • Implementing EduConservation is a long-term vision to create a constituency of future leaders that value and drive the process of conservation.

  • Driving conservation and nature education with the understanding that conservation is becoming integral to the school curriculum.


Conservation & Reasearch

Congo Basin Conservation Research Network, CBCRN

  • The northern Congo, with its wide range of landscapes, is home to a globally significant population of Western Lowland Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Forest Elephants.

  • The Odzala in-house research team, Dr. Magda Bermejo and German Illera were the first to study western lowland gorillas behaviour and investigating apes recovery capacity following demographic crashes.

  • The CBCRN is a long-term vision to create a Research Collaborative Environment (RCE) based on Ngaga Station's Scientific Value. Ngaga is one of the places where large-scale studies of high-density gorilla populations are still possible.


Early Childhood

  • Offering children a good Early Childhood Development experience enables the children to grow and develop to their full potential.

  • Conservation, as a key element to the future, is embedded and integrated in our ECD programme. The main conservation value is that ultimately, the whole community benefits through this integrated approach to the wellbeing of both people and nature.

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